Michael E. Karpeles (Mek)

Citizen of the World (世界市民行道)

My purpose is to curate a living map of the world's knowledge.

Table of Contents

  1. My Mission
  2. APIs
  3. Quantified Self
  4. RFCs
  5. Essays
  6. Curations
  7. Projects
  8. Experiments
  9. Music & Art
  10. Continuity (If I Get Hit by a Self-Driving Car)
  1. APIs

    For those who prefer programatic methods to access my life:

    1. /api/v1/identity
    2. /api/v1/bookmarks
    3. /api/v1/media
    4. /api/v1/quantified-self
  2. About Me

    "Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation"

    1. My (evolving) Precepts
    2. My Life Lessons
  3. Quantified Self

    To accomplish my goals, I must be disciplined and act on principles.

    1. Objective Key Results (OKR) Tracker
    2. Reading List
    3. Daily Goals (deprecated)
    4. Schedule
    5. Commonbook #1, Commonbook #2
    6. Genealogy (photos)
    7. My Possessions + Gear
  4. Projects

    Here's how to contribute to one of these projects

    1. Imperatives: Make the world objectively better for everyone. Act on the most urgent imperatives.
    2. Open Journal Foundation unites institutions in universalizing open-access to public academic journals & papers.
    3. Graph.global (video) aims to become a distributed global database of unique entities (people, places, things) accessible by the entire World Wide Web.
    4. Skillsera.org A Universal Curriculum of youtube video segments
    5. FromScrat.ch (pre-alpha) A wiki of composable, modular, axiomatic recipes for comprehensively creating fundamental technologies from scratch.
    6. Peanutsforgood.org: We sell made-to-order peanut butter and use proceeds to feed SF's needy
    7. Todo.rip (alpha) is a free, light-weight, frictionless, rolling todo list with slack-like commands
    8. Miley.io (defunct) is the free, milestone driven, multi-project manager for ambitious people.
    9. WhyLoop: Recursive explanations down to axioms.
    10. Dissertate.org (concept) Publish your directed path of academic readings to get to a conclusion
    11. Math.mx is a zoomable taxonomy of thousands of math topics. Read the long term goal
    12. Groovebox.org Listen to archive.org's collection of 135,000 live concerts, hundreds of albums and thousands of artists for free.
  5. Essays

    1. Universal Knowledge

      1. On Books (2016-10-29)
      2. Standardized Testing and the Consequences of Guessing (2017-04-08)
      3. EPIC: An Improved Ecosystem for Literate Research (RFC) (2016-01-11)
      4. A Version Controlled Word-Wide-Web (RFC)
      5. The Problems of Academic Publishing
      6. Towards World Wide Web 2.0
      7. The Web in 2040
      8. The Decentralized-Centralized Web
      9. Towards a Universal Todo List
      10. Where Google Falls Short
    2. Epistemology

      1. EPIC: An Improved Ecosystem for Literate Research (RFC)
      2. A Version Controlled Word-Wide-Web (RFC)
      3. Types of Questions
    3. Philosophy

      1. Curbing Your Enthusiasm
      2. On Friendship
      3. How I Think (in progress)
      4. On Spending Money (2017-04-15)
      5. Incompleteness Theorem Doesn't Mean "Stop Trying" (2015-05-03)
      6. Computing as a Way of Life (in progress)
      7. Types of Questions
    4. Software

      1. What the Browser is Missing
      2. Screen v. Tmux
      3. Towards a Universal Todo List
      4. Too Many Browser Tabs [SOLVED]
      5. Automate Away Repetitive Web Tasks
    5. Self Improvement & Reflection

      1. On Effective Procrastination
      2. The People Who Have Shaped Me
      3. On Reaching Inaccessible People (2017-05-28)
      4. On Strategies for Attention Defecit Disorder [ADD] (2017-05-28)
      5. The Road to Doing Good Work
      6. Amplifying Productivity through Environment
    6. Science

      1. Exploring "equivalence" of Biology and Boolean Logic
    7. Political Essays

      1. Capitalism or Socialism? (2017-11-15 Wed)
      2. Treatise on Change
      3. Debt & Taxes (2015-12-02)
      4. Towards More Efficient Political Voting
      5. The Challenges of Immigration
      6. Kicking the Bucket
  6. Curations

    1. Life Lessons
    2. Preventing Global and Existential Catastrophe
    3. A Map of All Mathematics
    4. Universal Knowledge
    5. The Laws of Science
    6. The Foundation(s) of Great Inventions
    7. (An Attempt at) A Unified Theory of the Universe
    8. Neurology & The Brain
    9. The Best Textbooks (also Internet Archive Select Works)
    10. Essays to Write ...
  7. Presentations

    1. AngelHack 2012 SF
    2. SuperHappyDevHouse #53 Lightning Talks
    3. Aaron Swartz Day 2017
  8. Experiments

    1. Stomp #foot-keyboard #usb #microcontroller
    2. Experimental Browser #browser
    3. Historia (Provenance) #chrome-extension
    4. Enpy (English to Python Parser) #python #english #parser
    5. Dungeons #MUD
  9. Music & Art

    Enjoying and creating art.

    1. A list of music I enjoy
    2. A collection of songs I've recorded
    3. Poetry
    4. Quintet A book I am casually writing. (notes and more notes)