If I get hit by a self-driving car...

...please read this web page

Inspired by Eric S Raymond and Aaron Swartz's pieces on `continuity`.

It's regretable that Aaron Swartz's essay, "If I get hit by a truck..." self actualized. Life has a funny way about it and, "fortune favors the prepared mind" [Louis Pasteur]. I would feel remiss if I didn't too take the time plan for the inevitable time after my living. The question is not one of if, but when.

As this is written in early 2017, I have no reason to doubt that I will be active on the Internet and maintaining my Web pages for another fifty years. On the other hand, I could be hit by a self-driving car tomorrow.

I designate Drew Winget, «scipioaffricanus@gmail+NOSPAM.com» to be my virtual executor. Drew has the authority to coordinate whatever actions are needed to dispatch my projects into safe hands. Drew, most of my projects (and their domains + states) are described here. Good luck.

I hope I made some respectable progress on my life goals, and I hope I showed everyone I care about the love they deserve